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About us
INSB Bulgaria Ltd. is the exclusive office of the Greek Classification Society International Naval Surveys Bureau (INSB)  on the territory of Bulgaria and Romania.

It was established on 10 April 2003 at Burgas by Mr. Hristo Bihlyumov – a Chief Engineer with 38 years of experience at sea, in consequence of his continuous co-operation with the INSB as exclusive surveyor, since 1993.

INSB Bulgaria Ltd. is independently owned and operated

INSB Bulgaria Ltd. performs class and statutory surveys and issues certificates in compliance with the requirements of the international maritime conventions on a base of a bilateral agreement with the International Naval Surveys Bureau (INSB).

INSB Bulgaria Ltd. also supervises the construction of new ships.

INSB Bulgaria Ltd. carries out condition and evaluation surveys, technical consultancy, approval of engineering studies, stability calculations and computations of vessels.

What is a Classification Society?

A Classification Society is an independent organization that provides shipowners, shipbuilders and insurers with technical services to ships in compliance with its own Classification Rules and the International Conventions.
In brief the principle work of the Classification Society is to undertake surveys to ensure vessel’s safety, safety of life at sea and to preserve clean ocean environment.

A Classification Society does not design, build, own, operate, charter, repair, finance or insure ships.

There are about fifty organizations world-wide that provide marine classification services. The most famous and first class Classification Societies are members of IACS.

INSB Bulgaria Ltd. offers shipowners the advantages of classification of their ships with a Class Society, which is fully reliable with regard to its main activities, notwithstanding it is not an IACS member.

INSB Bulgaria Ltd. is a trustworthy partner for many Bulgarian and international clients and state authorities. The staff is formed by qualified and experienced marine surveyors and technicians.

INSB Bulgaria Ltd. is certified for the establishment and maintenance of a Quality Management System as per the international standard ISO 9001:2015.