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First Enrty Requirements
Application  form for initial classification with INSB of ships or other marine structures is to be duly filled in and signed by the applicant – owners/managers or ships operators and sent either by fax or by e-mail to our address.

The following list of documentation (although non-exhaustive) is to be submitted:

  • Updated ship’s survey status including recommendations, if any.
  • Updated continuous Hull & Machinery lists, if any
  • Copies of existing class certificate with applicable visas, even if expired
  • Copies of existing statutory certificates, even if expired, ISM certificates inclusive
  • Copies of ship’s registration documents issued by the flag Administration (Registry, Radio License etc)
  • Main Class Plans (i.e. General Arrangement plan, mid ship section, etc)
  • Trim & Stability booklet
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement booklet

Ship surveys program and schedule will be set forth based on the outcome of the first document review results plus ship’s existing periodical cycle of surveys.

Statutory certificates are to be issued on behalf of the Flag Administration following satisfactory completion of the applicable technical surveys in accordance with the International Conventions and / or national applicable legislation.