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Suspension and withdrawal of class

When a ship is classed with INSB falls under any of the following cases, the class of the ship is automatically suspended. However, the class is also automatically suspended when the due range does not hold the periodical surveys.

  • When a ship is operating over the restricted service area.
  • When the Society considers that a ship has not complied with the Rules.
  • When any damage to the ship is to such an extent as affecting her class and is not repaired in accordance with the Rules of the Society, or when alterations or conversions affecting her class are carried out without the approval of the Society.
  • When a ship proceeds to sea with less freeboard than that assigned, or when the freeboard marks are placed higher on the sides of the ship than the position assigned.
  • When a ship is not subjected to the surveys assigned to maintain the classification.



  • The class may be withdrawn by the Society either in consequence or a request from the Owners or in the event of non-payment of fees.
  • For a ship whose class has been suspended, the Society considers that her class is reinstated if the causes of suspension are removed.